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Company News >> What if the laptop battery is not charging?
 Battery failure performance is relatively simple, mostly the charging progress has been shown to be 100%, in fact, the power adapter is removed in less than a few minutes, or the battery is not detected directly. Mainly due to the normal loss of the battery itself, laptop batteries, optical drives, fans, these three notebooks in the notebook accessories is a real "consumables".

Good to know: Laptop Even when the power is turned off, the battery is always in a power-consuming state to maintain the basic standby voltage on the motherboard. Once connected to an external power source, the battery will automatically start charging by default. There are many notebooks that are not often moved in the office or at home, but because the battery is permanently installed on the machine, it always circulates and discharges, which also seriously affects the battery life. We have encountered many such situations in our laptop repairs. The customer said that their laptop batteries have not been used for a few times and cannot be used. This is the reason. Therefore, if the notebook does not move for a long time, the battery must be taken down, the power is controlled at 40%, and stored at 15 ° C or lower.

The fault is judged by the replacement method. Sometimes you can't find the same type of battery and you need to go to a professional laptop repair center for help. One of the previous repairs in our business was the replacement of laptop batteries, which was laptop battery repair. With the popularity of notebook computers, the price of notebook accessories has become acceptable to consumers. The price difference between the OEM battery and the battery replacement is not very large, so it is OK to change the battery directly. The price of laptop battery is about 1/10 of the price of notebook. Of course, the performance advantage does not need to be said. The choice of OEM or original is to rely on yourself to weigh the pros and cons.

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